Swim Bait Rods- Casting

These two models have been developed for the serious swim bait Fishers that are throwing the large life like baits long distances to cover more water in less time. Capable of launching the largest of lures and working them in a life like manner with the power to get the Hawgs to the boat. SWB956-Blend is a favorite for throwing “A-Rigs”. Umbrellas: Throwing unbrella rigs require rods like these that have the action & power to support it. Hard Body: Larger lipped swimbaits can really be a problem to cast & work correctly with out MHX power. Soft Body: Huck those huge soft body swimmers & have the action to work them in steady or jerked. Paddle Tails: Cast big paddle tails around structure knowing you have the power to get the fish out.

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