Kayak Lanyard & Float Set.


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This is the Custom Kayak Rod Lanyard & Float set.

If you have the Kayak rod and never plan on Tethering it to your Yak or boat all you have to do fish it like it is or take a sharp knife and cut the Tail flush with the butt of the rod and throw it away.

If you do plan on using a Tether then this is all you will need. (only works with our rods with the tether tail built in.) This Custom coiled lanyard simply snaps on to the little buckle at the butt of the rod, then snap the other end of it to anyplace on your Yak and fish on knowing if something happens you will not loose your new Custom Kayak Rod. Or you can attach it to the float and fish on. If you drop the rod overboard, no issue simply grab the float and pull up your rod.

This option keeps you from having to buy this with the rod, if you know your not going to use it and keeps the rod cost down.

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